Violin Size Guide

If you buy a violin from Duet Shop for either yourself or your child, you will want to make sure you choose the right violin size. We have put together a simple guide to help.


Whilst there will be some exceptions to the rule, age is usually a great indicator of the size of violin required. In the table below, you will find the violin size recommended for the player’s age. However, to ensure you get the best size violin, we do also recommend that you measure the arm of the player.

Arm Length:

Measuring the arm of the player is the most accurate way of determining the violin size you will need.

This is easily done by extending the left arm at a right angle from the body and measuring the distance between the neck and the centre of the palm with a yardstick or measuring tape.

When you have the right size violin, you should be able to comfortably curl your fingers around the end of the violin (the scroll).

Once you have your measurement use our table below to find which size violin will be best for you.

23″+4/4 Full Size12+

Bow Size

Alongside having the correct size violin, you want to ensure that you also have the correct size bow. This is pretty simple. Just make sure to choose the same size bow as your violin, i.e. if you need a 3/4 violin, you will need a 3/4 bow. However, don’t worry about this too much, as all the violins available from Duet Shop come with the correct size bow and case!

Still Unsure?

You may find that you or your child sit between sizes and are unsure whether to size up or down. In most cases, you will be able to size up, especially if you have a growing child, but we have a few helpful hints that may make making the decision a little easier.

  • Check with the music teacher. A music teacher will be able to let you know if they think you should size up or down.
  • If, when holding the violin, the elbow is straight or the player cannot reach the end of the violin (the scroll) then the violin is too big, and you would be better to size down.
  • If, when holding the violin, the player can easily reach the end of the violin and the elbow is bent at less than a 90-degree angle, then the violin is too small, and you will be better to size up.
  • The most important factor in choosing the size is that the violin should feel comfortable and be able to be played in tune.
  • Don’t worry if you have a growing child and are scared that they will quickly grow out of their violin. With Duet Shop, all our instruments can be returned after 4 months. So rather than get a too big violin, you can get the size you need now and then return that violin for the next size when the time comes.

If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact the Duet Shop team!

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