The Ultimate Back to School Playlist

It's that time of year, summer has come to an end and September has rolled around again. For many this time of year means going back to school, college or university. So to help you get your academic hats back on after a long summer off we have put together the ultimate back to school playlist! So whether you're revising in the library, sneaking a headphone in class or just listening because you're nostalgic for school days past we hope you enjoy it.

  1. Alright - Supergrass 

  2. Be True To Your School - The Beach Boys 

  3. ABC - The Jackson 5

  4. School of Rock - The Original Broadway Cast of School of Rock 

  5. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard - Paul Simon 

  6. High School Never Ends - Bowling For Soup

  7. What I Go To School For - Busted

  8. School Uniforms - The Wombats 

  9. Schoolin' Life - Beyoncé

  10. School Spirit - Kanye West 

  11. Rock 'N' Roll High School - Ramones

  12. School - Nirvana 

  13. Hot For Teacher - Van Halen 

  14. Another Brick In The Wall - Pink Floyd


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