The Piano for Beginners

The piano is an ever a popular choice of instrument for beginners and with good reason! Whilst it can take a long time to truly master, it is incredibly fulfilling when you do. If you are looking to play the piano we have a few tips to help you get started.

Tips for Buying a Piano:  

One of the first steps once you have chosen to play the piano is choosing your instrument. There are four main options for playing the piano or keyboard; the portable keyboard, the digital piano, the upright piano, and the grand piano. To find out the features and benefits that each has to offer read our Keyboards vs Acoustic Pianos post. 


Depending on the level you are as a player may influence the keyboard or piano you choose. A beginner may find that a portable keyboard is the best choice as they are the most affordable but still allow the player to develop the correct fingering techniques and posture. As the player further develops they can then upgrade their instrument.


Price is an important factor for most when choosing an instrument. There will be range of options available to you across every price range that suit your needs and budget. It is worth bearing in mind when choosing a piano that players will probably want to upgrade their instrument as their playing develops. At Duet Shop all of our pianos and keyboards are available on our rent to buy plans, making it easy to get the piano you need for an affordable price and upgrade it when the time comes. To find out more click here

Tips for Once you Have a Piano: 
Find a Great Teacher

Finding a teacher that will get the best out of you is important to your progress. Ask around and do some research to find a teacher that suits your learning style and who will happily teach you the music you really want to learn. Don't be afraid to change teachers if you are not compatible, whilst learning the piano is challenging it should be a challenge that you enjoy! 

If you have chosen to learn the piano without a teacher have a look for some great material to help you learn to play and be willing to try a few different types of learning aids until you find the one that suits you best.

Practise Makes Perfect 

The piano is an instrument that requires an investment of time. The piano does take a long time to master but once you have, it is incredibly fulfilling and will be enjoyed for a lifetime. In order to master the piano you have to practise, practise, practise. There is so much great music that you can play with the piano, so persistence will pay off.

If you are struggling to stay focused on your piano practise have a read of our 6 Ways to Avoid Procrastinating When You Should be Practising post.

Make Use of Everything Available

There are a lot of helpful free guides, videos, blogs, forums, apps etc available out there to help aid learning and practising the piano, make sure to make use of them!  

Join the Community

There is a whole community of pianists that you can be a part of. Once you start playing look into joining bands, music groups, online forums, and social media discussions. You will pick up some great playing tips and may even make some new friends!

Look After Your Instrument

Your instrument will sound better if it is properly cared for, be sure to look after it.

Recommended Pianos and Keyboards

We have a great choice of keyboards and pianos available, take a look at some of our best suited for beginners: 

Yamaha YPT240 Portable Keyboard

The Yamaha YPT240 Portable Keyboard is an ideal choice for beginners. It features 61 full size keys, a USB port which allows it to be connected to a PC for use with piano tuition software, and it also has the Yamaha Education Suite (a Yamaha designed tuition system) making it perfect for young beginners!

It is available from as little as £3.10* per month. Click here to find out more.

Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano