The Perfect Cello for a Beginner

Once mastered the cello is a truly beautiful instrument to play and listen to. But, like all instruments, players will have to spend a lot of time learning and practising with a good quality instrument before they get to that stage. If are a beginner who is looking to play the cello then you need a beginner instrument that will suit your needs as you learn. 

We recommend: 
Stentor Student I Cello

The Stentor Student I has been designed with beginners in mind. This cello has been built to produce an excellent responsive tone whilst still being available at an accessible price. It features a comfortable ebonised rosewood fingerboard and integral adjusters on the composite tail piece for easy fine tuning. Its body is made from solid panels of spruce and maple tone woods. It has been finished with a decorative inlaid purfling around the outer edge which not only looks attractive but it also helps to protect the body from minor cracks and bumps (which is great for the perhaps younger, clumsier players).

Most importantly this cello comes with everything a beginner needs to get started with the cello, so you won't need to hunt down each individual item. Included in this outfit is the cello, a padded nylon case, shoulder straps for easy transportation, a traditional brazilwood bow, and rosin. 

This cello comes available in a full range of sizes meaning both very young and older players can have access to a good quality beginner instrument. To find out what size cello you need check out our cello size guide post or ask a music teacher for their recommendation. When ordered from us we ensure that the instrument is fully set up and ready to play from delivery meaning you can play the instrument straight out of the case.

Like all the instruments on our website this cello is available on our budget friendly rent to buy plans - click here to find out more

If you would like to find out more about this cello outfit or any other instrument feel free to email us!

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