The 3 Best Cornets for Beginners

If you have decided to learn to play the cornet and are looking for your first instrument then look no further. We have chosen our top three cornets for beginner to intermediate students to suit a range of budgets and needs. All three are also available on our flexible, affordable rent to buy plans. So read on to find your perfect cornet!

The One for Young Players

The pCornet is the cornet from our selection that is best suited to young beginners, though adults can also benefit from what this instrument has to offer.

Features: The pCornet is made to the classic British 'Shepherd's Crook' design but, in comparison to a standard cornet, it is made entirely from plastic. Despite being made from plastic it is still a Bb cornet, so the teaching of this instrument will not need to differ from that of a brass cornet. Because the pCornet is made entirely from plastic it is lightweight (only 500g!) making it great for young players that may struggle with the weight of a standard cornet. The pCornet also won't dent and is very easy to clean which makes it ideal for classroom use.

Included: When you buy the pCornet from Duet Shop it comes supplied in a case with two mouthpieces. 

The pCornet is available on our flexible rent to buy plans, find out more here.

The One to Get You Started

The Elkhart 100CR Bb Cornet is the cornet from our selection that is best suited to beginner students learning to play the cornet for the first time. 

Features: The Elkhart 100CR is a well-designed student instrument. It has been made to the classic 'Shepherd's Crook' design from robust yellow brass with stainless steel valve pistons and finger rings on the valves for real-time fine tuning.

Includes: The Elkhart 100CR comes with a hard moulded foam case with shoulder straps, a Vincent Bach replica mouthpiece, and cleaning materials. 

The Elkhart 100CR is available on our flexible rent to buy plans, find out more here.

The One for the Next Step

The Yamaha YCR4330GII Bb Cornet is the instrument from our selection that we recommend for intermediate student players that are ready to upgrade their beginner instrument.

Features: Like the Elkhart, the Yamaha cornet is built to the classic 'Shepherd's Crook' design from yellow brass. It features three monel piston valves, fixed hooks on the 1st and 2nd valves for easy fine tuning, and produces a smooth, rich tone

Includes: The Yamaha YCR4330GII comes supplied in a deluxe hard case with a moulded interior, a Yamaha 11E4 mouthpiece, valve oil, and polishing cloth. It is available in both gold lacquer and silver plate finishes. 

The Yamaha YCR4330GII is available on our flexible rent to buy plans, find out more here.

Check out the Duet Shop to see our whole range of cornets and if you need any help just send us a message or comment below. 

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