Returning an Instrument to Duet Shop

So you have decided to return your instrument to Duet Shop. Maybe you want an upgrade or you no longer want to play that instrument, that's fine. Once you have paid four monthly payments you can return your instrument to us. Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Contact Us

The first step to returning your instrument is to contact us to let us know. We will then send you an email with all the returns information and a returns form to print off and fill out.

2. Make Sure You Have Everything

Get together everything you want to return. Returned instruments must come in the original packaging with all accessories (used reeds for woodwind instruments do not need to be returned). 

3. Check For Damage

Check instruments for any damage that goes above and beyond normal wear and tear. We do not accept damaged instruments so be sure to check thoroughly. Any damage will need to be reported to us and fixed prior to return. If you are unsure if your instrument is damaged send us some pictures and we can take a look.

4. Clean the Instrument

Ensure the instrument is clean prior to return. Pay close attention to mouthpieces on brass and woodwind, rosin on string instruments, and clean dust and marks from cases. If in doubt make sure to send it in a condition you would be happy to receive it. 

5. Pack the Instrument Up

If your instrument came in a case with accessories be sure to package all the individual items away properly. Putting everything away in the correct compartments helps to avoid loose items bashing into the instrument and damaging it during transit. If your instrument did not come in a case be sure to pack it safely in any boxes and wrapping it did come in.

6. Include the Returns Form 

Be sure to include the your printed off returns form, otherwise there may be a delay in processing your return whilst we try to figure out whose instrument it is!

7. Securely Package the Instrument

Where possible instruments should be returned in the packaging they arrived in. Make sure to pack the instrument securely and safely using wrapping and bubble wrap where necessary. 

8. Choose a Reliable Courier

Choose a reliable courier that you trust to send the instrument back to us. We also recommend getting insurance in case of any damage during transit. Click here to easily find and compare courier prices.

9. Next Step

Once we have received your return we will let you know and begin processing it from there. We will contact you if there is any damage or problems with the instrument that goes above and beyond normal wear and tear. Provided the instrument is in good condition and you have paid a minimum of four payments we will end your plan for you! 

If we receive your instrument and upon inspection it is damaged we will let you know the reason why. We will then return the instrument to you, at your expense and you can either choose to continue with your rent to buy plan or organise to have the instrument repaired by a professional repair service and then return the instrument to us.

If you have any questions you can contact us here:  

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