New(ish) in January 2019

There's nothing quite like new things to start off the New Year! So, that is exactly what we have done, we have added a whole load of new instruments to the website - well newish. We've updated our pre-owned instruments section with even more instruments. So if you want a fantastic instrument at a great price check out what we have available here! 

Or go straight to type of instrument you're interested in: 

Pre-Owned Keyboards and Pianos

Pre-Owned Guitars

Pre-Owned Strings

Pre-Owned Woodwind

Pre-Owned Brass

Pre-Owned Drums

All pre-owned instruments get checked over by our in house music specialist before becoming available on Duet Shop. In the description we let you know everything you need to know about the instrument including how long it was pre-owned for. 

If there is an instrument that you would like that you cannot find in our pre-owned section, let us know and we can contact you if it becomes available.

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