How to Care for Your Flute

Keeping good care practices will help you ensure a lifetime of enjoyment with your instrument. We have put together this simple guide to help you to keep your flute in its best condition.

No Food or Drink

Where possible try to avoid eating food or drinking sugary drinks before playing your flute, as anything in your mouth can end up inside the flute, and affect how it plays. Sugary drinks and food are actually one of the biggest causes of sticky pads. So if you get thirsty whilst playing try to stick with water.

Careful Assembly

Take time and care when assembling your flute. Try to avoid putting pressure on any of the mechanism during assembly as this could cause damage to the keys. Before putting your flute together check that the joints are clean and free of any dirt and grease.

Keep It Safe

When you are not playing your flute try to keep it in the case. This could help you avoid getting bumps and dents that could be costly to repair.

Remove Moisture

After playing remove any moisture from inside the flute using a cleaning rod and polishing gauze. You can take the flute apart to do this. Be sure to clean the head joint, the main body and the foot joint. You can use cleaning paper to remove any moisture from the pads. Removing moisture from the flute after playing will help to extend the life of your instrument.  

Wipe It Down

After playing take some time to wipe clean the outside of your flute. Using a clean cloth remove any fingerprints and dirt. The silver finish of your flute, overtime, will darken and may tarnish. To help avoid this use a silver cloth every now and then to polish your flute.

Don’t Force It

If the joints feel too tight (or too loose) during assembly don’t force it. Take your flute to a specialist and they can repair this for you.

Get It Fixed

If you have damaged your flute, or are concerned it is not playing properly, take it to a specialist as soon as possible to get it repaired. Don’t be tempted to try and fix the damage yourself as this may cause more damage further down the line that may be expensive to repair.

Get It Serviced

Every 1-2 years get your flute serviced by a specialist. They will clean it, adjust it and perform any necessary repairs that will help ensure your flute has a long life.

Get It Insured

For peace of mind in the long term we recommend getting your flute insured against any damage, theft or loss that could occur.

Top Tips: 
  • Do not eat or drink before use
  • Remove moisture from inside the flute after playing
  • Wipe down the flute after playing 
  • Store securing in case when not in use
  • Get it repaired and services by a professional 
  • Insure your flute

We have a great range of flutes available here! If you have any questions or need any help just send us a message.

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