Give the Gift of Music

A certain Christmas advert featuring a certain Rocket Man has got us all talking about how some gifts can be more than just a gift. Music, and all the joy that it can bring, is one of these gifts.

Here at Duet Shop we understand that a musical instrument not only makes a great Christmas present but can also be a gift that lasts a lifetime, and no other present under the tree is comparable to igniting a child's love and passion for music at Christmas.

We also understand that musical instruments can be expensive and not knowing what instrument your child may want to play, or whether they will keep up with it, can be off putting in investing in an instrument that may end up gathering dust. That is why all our musical instruments are available on our rent to buy plans from £7.50 per month with the option to return the instrument anytime after three months! 

Great Instruments to Gift this Christmas 

Pianos and Keyboards

The piano is a great musical instrument to gift at Christmas. Not only does it look impressive wrapped up under the tree but with hard work and determination it is an instrument that will really pay off. You never know, you could have the next Elton at home!

The Yamaha Arius YDP143 Digital Piano is a great first piano for an aspiring pianist and is available from £15.58 per month.

The Violin

The violin makes a great Christmas gift for anyone interested in playing a stringed instrument. With the smallest size suitable for children as young as three, there is a violin for everyone! 

A great starter violin is the Stentor Student I Violin, this complete outfit comes with everything you could need to begin your violin journey. Full size 4/4 available from £3.02 per month.

The Guitar

Have you got a budding rock star at home looking for an outlet? Then maybe the guitar is the perfect Christmas present for them.

A great first guitar is the Admira Infante Classical Guitar which comes in 3/4 size, making it a great choice for younger players. It is available from £3.73 per month.

For more inspiration on instruments to gift for Christmas check out our posts The 10 Best Musical Instruments for Beginners and our Gift Guide for Children

Learn to Play from Home

Alongside a new instrument why not gift the music lessons too? Our friends over at Your Space Music Lessons provide the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument in your own space or home using a live internet audio visual connection. This means even those living in the most remote areas or those that would like to learn in the comfort of their own home can! Find out more and register for a free taster session by clicking here!

If you need any help choosing an instrument this Christmas contact the Duet Shop team! 

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