Fantastic Plastic Instruments for Kids

If you're thinking about getting your child their first instrument this Christmas then you may want to consider getting them a plastic instrument. There is a whole host of instruments made from plastic that offer a great sound whilst being resilient and lightweight enough for everyday use with young children. Most come available in bright, colourful options making these fantastic instruments that bit more fun.

1. The pTrumpet

pTrumpet Plastic B♭ Trumpet

The Jiggs pTrumpet is a fully functional B♭ trumpet that is made entirely from plastic. The pTrumpet is a great first instrument for young children and a fantastic introduction into playing a brass instrument. Because it is made from 100% plastic it is much lighter and comes at a much cheaper price tag than a brass equivalent. 

It comes in an array of fun colours and is available on our rent to buy plans - click here to find out more!

2. The pBone

pBone Plastic B♭ Tenor Trombone

The Jiggs pBone Plastic B♭ Tenor Trombone was the first plastic instrument from our selection to hit the scene and has been incredible popular since. The pBone offers a fully functioning trombone made from ABS plastic and is half the weight of a standard trombone. Unlike standard trombones the pBone is incredibly resilient, it is not sensitive to temperature and humidity and is 100% waterproof, making it ideal for practise in all weather!

pBone Plastic E♭ Alto Trombone

For very young children we also have the pBone Plastic E♭ Alto Trombone. This is a mini alto trombone made from ABS plastic. As it is a smaller alto instrument it is even more lightweight than the pBone Tenor weighing just 500g and has a shorter slide which is ideal for young children with limited reach. 

The pBone Plastic B♭ Tenor Trombone is available in 8 fun colours.
The pBone Plastic E♭ Alto Trombone comes in red and blue.
Both are available on our rent to buy plans - click here to find out more!


3. The Nuvo Clarineo

Nuvo Clarineo 2.0

The Nuvo Clarineo 2.0 is a C key plastic clarinet from Nuvo. It is a great choice of instrument for a beginner especially for children aged 7 and above who are interested in learning to play the clarinet. The Nuvo Clarineo is much lighter and smaller than a standard B♭ clarinet which makes it ideal for players with smaller hands.

The Nuvo Clarineo 2.0 comes in 4 colours and is available on our rent to buy plans. 
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4. The Nuvo Flute

Nuvo jFlute 2.0

The Nuvo jFlute 2.0 is the latest flute offering from Nuvo. This ultra light, plastic flute is great for young beginners especially those aged 5 upwards. It comes with an updated "Firstnote" mouthpiece that allows beginners to get a good sound from the instrument on their first try and a new "donut head joint" which brings the keywork closer to the body whilst keeping the lip plate and keywork in line. It is made from plastic and is 100% waterproof! 

The Nuvo jFlute 2.0 comes in 4 different colours and is available on our rent to buy plans.
Click here to view the flutes available from Nuvo.


5. The jSax

Nuvo jSax 2.0

The jSax 2.0 is the updated plastic saxophone from Nuvo. The jSax is made from plastic, is 100% waterproof and is pitched in C making it ideal for young players and those learning in a a classroom environment.

The Nuvo jSax 2.0 comes in 7 colours and is available on our rent to buy plans.
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6. The pCornet