Duet Shop Gift Guide for Children


It can be hard deciding what to get the little ones for Christmas, especially as they already seem to have every toy under sun. So why not get them a musical instrument? An instrument is a gift that is both fun, educational, and can be the start of a lifetime of music enjoyment. We have put together a gift guide with our top choices of musical instruments to get young children!

  1. The Nuvo JSax

    The Nuvo jSax is a miniature, entirely plastic saxophone that has been pitched in C. Perfect for little hands, it is a great introductory instrument for a child that is interested in playing the saxophone. Despite its smaller size and plastic anatomy it offers the same fingering patterns as a normal saxophone but with simplified keywork. Being made of plastic means the jSax is lightweight, virtually unbreakable, and 100% waterproof. It is also available in a variety of fun colours!

  2. The Nuvo NJF3 jFlute Outfit & Nuvo NSF1 Plastic Student Flute Outfit

    The Nuvo NJF3 jFlute is a plastic flute with a curved head joint. Being made entirely of plastic means it is incredibly durable, 100% waterproof, and lightweight making it perfect for young hands. The durability of the instrument means it can even be dropped on the floor, played in the shower, and washed with soap and water. The curved head reduces the length of the instrument making it ideal for young players with limited reach. The flute is fully assembled and comes with everything a beginner would need including; a case, cleaning rod, and tool kit. The flute comes in a variety of colours and would be a great gift for children as young as five years of age.

    The Nuvo NSF1 Plastic Student Flute offers all the benefits of the NJF3 flute but with a straight head joint. This makes it an ideal gift for young musicians from eight years of age that do not require the reduced length of the NJF3. At only 255g the Nuvo NSF1 is around half the weight of a traditional metal flute making it ideal for both young players and older students who may struggle with the weight of a traditional flute. This flute is available in a variety of different colours to suit the personality of the player!

  3. The pBone Plastic Bb Tenor Trombone & pBone Plastic Eb Alto Trombone

    The pBone Plastic Bb Tenor Trombone is a fully functioning tenor trombone made of plastic. It is an affordable, lightweight, durable, and waterproof alternative to a traditional metal trombone. The pBone can be dropped, knocked, washed with soap and water and still play perfectly. It is an ideal instrument for young children to get to grips with the posture and positioning of playing the trombone. The pBone is available in a variety of colours and comes supplied with a case and mouthpiece.

    The pBone Plastic Eb Alto Trombone offers the same benefits as the pBone Bb Tenor but in a smaller size. The pBone Eb Alto is even lighter at just 500g, it is a smaller instrument and has a shorter slider making it ideal for younger players with a limited reach. It is available in both red and blue and comes with a canvas carry case and mouthpiece.

  4. The pTrumpet Plastic Bb Trumpet

    The pTrumpet Plastic Bb Trumpet is a fully functioning trumpet made entirely of plastic. Made by the innovative designers behind the pBone, it is lightweight, durable, and 100% waterproof making it great for both young players who struggle with the weight of a traditional metal trumpet and for those that play outdoors. It is available in a variety of bright colours and comes supplied with a case and mouthpieces.

  5. The Nuvo Clarineo



    The Nuvo Clarineo is a moulded plastic clarinet suitable for players of all levels. It is particularly good for young players as it offers a lightweight, smaller bodied, durable, and waterproof alternative to a traditional clarinet. The Clarineo is pitched to C which is ideal for school age children to play along with other instruments that read music in C, such as the violin and the flute. It is available in a variety of colours and comes supplied with everything a beginner clarinetist will need including a case, fingering chart, and reeds.

  6. The Yamaha PSR-E263 Portable Keyboard


    The Yamaha PSR-E263 Portable Keyboard is a fantastic instrument for a young child that has an interest in playing the piano. This beginner keyboard is packed full of different sounds, rhythms, built in songs and lessons. It also comes supplied with a power adapter and rest meaning they can start playing as soon as they get it!

For more inspiration on instruments to get a child you can check out our post on The 10 Best Musical Instruments for Beginners.

If you need any help choosing an instrument contact the Duet Shop team!

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