5 Things You Know If You're a Pianist

Do you play the piano? Then you definitely know these 5 things: 

1. Hand Cramp 

No one gets hand cramp quite like a pianist, especially if you're spending a lot of time practising. Performing hand stretches before you play, playing regularly, and ensuring you play in the correct posture are great ways to avoid piano playing injuries.

2. Piano Going Out of Tune

For other instrumentalists their instrument going out of tune means spending a bit of time fiddling around with it to get it back into tune. For you it usually means getting in a professional piano tuner who will spend a few hours tuning your piano whilst you wait patiently to play. 

3. Moving Your Piano

The piano is not the most travel friendly instrument. A flautist can pop their flute in their bag, a cellist can even carry their cello on their back - it's quite difficult to carry an upright or grand piano down the street! 

4. Price

There's no denying that pianos can be expensive, especially if you want a grand piano! Of course there is always the option of digital pianos and keyboards but there's nothing quite like the real thing. (Check out our rent to buy plans for pianos.) 

5. You're Always Expected to Play 

Wherever you go if there happens to be a piano in the corner you will be expected to play that piano!


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