5 Reasons to Buy a Musical Instrument from Duet Shop

It seems with each passing day there is another news story about how music education is on the decline in schools. Yet alongside that there is another story about how beneficial music education and playing an instrument is to a child's development. Understandably, we all want the best for our children but musical instruments and lessons can be an unrealistic expense for many.
At Duet Shop we want good quality instruments accessible to all which is why we have made it possible for anyone to easily buy the instrument they want using our rent to buy plans.

Check out our 5 reasons to buy a musical instrument from Duet Shop:

1. Spread the Cost

Instruments can be expensive and the bigger or better the instrument is the more expensive it is likely to be. It can be difficult to pay the costs of an expensive instrument upfront which is why using our rent to buy plans to buy an instrument makes perfect sense. With monthly payments available from £7.50 getting an instrument easy and realistic.

2. Trial and Error

Choosing the instrument you want is an easy task if you know exactly what you are looking for, but what if you or your child are new to playing an instrument. Choosing the instrument you may play for the rest of your life is not easy and can be made even more difficult if you realise a few months down the line that you have made the wrong choice. You are then stuck with an instrument that you no longer want or need.

At Duet Shop we have made it so you can easily return all instruments after three months of having them. This gives you the perfect amount of time to try the instrument and decide if you want to continue or if you would like to try another instrument.

3. Upgrade the Instrument

As you or your child progress and grow you will need to upgrade your instrument. Whether you need a bigger or better instrument all you have to do is return the instrument you currently have and choose a new instrument and rent to buy plan.

4. Quality of the Instrument

Maybe, to save money, you have looked into hiring an instrument in the past and been disappointed with the quality of instruments on offer. It is quite common to find that instruments available for hire are second-hand, old, and generally not in great condition. With Duet Shop all of our instruments are brand new (unless otherwise stated), meaning that you don't have to choose between a good instrument and a good price. We also have a great range of pre-owned instruments available for a reduced price which you can view here.

5. Return the Instrument

As previously mentioned there is no obligation to keep an instrument you no longer want. After three months of having the instrument you can return it to us and we will end your plan. There are no hidden costs, simply just send the instrument back to us. Alternatively, if you have paid all your payments the instrument is yours to keep!

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