5 Facts About the Violin

Are you an avid fan of the violin? Here are five facts about the violin that you may not already know: 

  1. The first violin was made around 500 years ago by Andre Amati in Italy.

  2. Violins come in variety of sizes from 1/32 right up to 4/4 (Full Size) meaning players can start playing at any age!

  3. When you play the violin you can burn 170 calories per hour! Time to put down the weights and pick up a bow.

  4. A person that makes violins and other stringed instruments, such as the classical guitar, is called a luthier.

  5. Violinists, as a result of playing the violin, are able to use both sides of their brain better and have better co-ordination between their two hands than non violin players.

Are there any great violin facts we have missed out? Let us know!

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