5 Facts About the Viola

Are you a violist that knows everything there is to know about your favourite instrument? Then you may be interested in these 5 facts about the violins bigger brother: 

  1. The viola was made by famed luthier Andrea Amati in the middle of the 16th century.

  2. The name viola originates from the Italian term viola da braccio which translates as "on the arm". This term was used to differentiate the violin from the viol.

  3. Those that play the viola can be known as a violist, a violaist, and a viola player. What do you prefer to be called?

  4. The size of the viola is measured in inches and is available from 12" up to 16".

  5. The viola is strung with C, G, D, and A. The tuning of the viola is one fifth below the violin and one octave above the cello. 

Do you have any good facts about the viola that we may have missed? Let us know in the comments!

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