5 Facts About the Guitar

Love the guitar? Then do you know these 5 facts about your favourite instrument: 

        1. Cleopatra may have played the guitar! Okay, not quite but the oldest surviving guitar-like instrument was found buried with the Egyptian singer Har-Mose and dates back to 1490 BCE, making it 3500 years old!

        2. The first electric guitar to be marketed commercially was invented by George Beauchamp in 1931, it was made from metal and was known as the Fry-Pan.

        3. Guitars have anywhere from one to eighteen strings; or no strings if you're a fan of the air guitar! The one string guitar is known as the Unitar.


        4. One of the most popular manufacturers of guitars, Fender, makes around 20,000 miles of guitar strings per year. That's enough to circle the world.

        5. A person that makes and repairs guitars is known as a Luthier. 

 Do you have any good facts about the guitar? Let us know in the comments!

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