5 Facts About the Drums

Are you a drum enthusiast with a wealth of knowledge about your favourite instrument? Then you may be interested in these 5 facts about this banging instrument!

  1. Did you know that drums are one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. Drums, made with alligator skins, have been found in China dating back to 5500-2350 BC!

  2. Drums have more uses than just being musical. Throughout history they have also been used for communication over great distances.

  3. Drumming is great exercise, in just half an hour of drumming you can burn more calories than you would cycling, weight lifting, or hiking. There are even drum based exercise classes!

  4. Electric drum kits were first introduced in the 1970’s and became increasingly popular in the 1980’s, however, the acoustic drum kit still remains the most popular choice for drummers.

  5. It's not just humans that are partial to a drum beat, even animals are known to drum. Macaque monkeys drum to show social dominance and even rodents have been shown to make beats with their paws.

Do you have any great drum facts we may have missed? Let us know in the comments!

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