5 Facts About the Cello

Do you love the cello? Do you know your scroll from your strings? We have a few fun cello facts that you may not already know: 

  1. The cello is not actually this instruments full name. The cello is formally known as the violoncello, which means "little violone" in Italian.

  2. Historically the strings were made from sheep or goat intestines called catgut. Modern day strings are made from metals such as aluminum and titanium.

  3. Prior to the 18th century the cello would be held da gamba - between the legs, strapped onto the body, or rested on other items until the endpin became standard.
  4. The plural of cello can either be celli or cellos.

  5. One of the oldest known cellos is "The King" built by Andrea Amati between 1538 and 1560.

The Amati "King" Cello.
The Amati "King" Cello. 

Do you have any other good cello facts we have missed? Let us know in the comments!

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