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Zildjian Classic orchestral cymbals

Top quality hand cymbal pair

Manufacturer: Zildjian


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  • Four different sizes and weights available
  • Specially designed for sparkling high frequencies
  • Good for both quick quiet playing and large sustained crashes
  • Brilliant finish on top side only
  • Straps sold separately
Manufacturer: Zildjian

Zildjian A Classic clash cymbals are a favourite with school orchestras and bands owing to their manageable weight and renowned versatility. Their immediate response and lightness makes these cymbals ideal for fast and quiet passages, but they will also provide huge powerful crashes with a long luscious sustain when the need arises.

The world-famous company has been manufacturing cymbals since the 17th century, and have collaborated with many musicians along the way to precisely fine tune their instruments to individuals’ exact specifications. Designed in conjunction with Frank Epstein of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Classic cymbals have been specially shaped to create a smooth high pitched tone with rich harmonics that ride above and add clarity to orchestral textures.

Classic orchestral cymbals come in a choice of four size and weight combinations: 18” or 16” diameter and medium light or medium heavy weight. Most professional orchestral percussionists use a medium heavy 18” pair as their standard cymbals, but all of the available sets will perform well in any situation. Each cymbal has a brilliant shiny finish on top and a traditional unpolished finish underneath.

There are no straps included with Zildjian cymbals, but the manufacturer sells high quality leather sets separately along with cushions to protect players’ hands when playing for prolonged periods. You will find both items linked as recommended accessories while selecting a rental plan.



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