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Yamaha YTR4335GII Bb trumpet

Bb trumpet designed for intermediate players

Manufacturer: Yamaha


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  • Supplied in a moulded case with mouthpiece and accessories
  • Durable monel alloy pistons
  • Two-part gold brass bell
  • Gold lacquer or silver plated finish
Manufacturer: Yamaha

The Yamaha guarantee

Yamaha trumpets are renowned for their high quality, from beginner models through to professional level instruments. One of the most famous brands of musical instruments in the world, when you buy a Yamaha instrument you know that you are buying from a company with a culmination of years of research and development which means that today their musical instruments are one of the most reliable you can buy.

Yamaha’s 4000 series trumpets are perfect for the ambitious intermediate level player. Pitched in Bb, the YTR4335GII comes complete with a ML 11.65mm bore, tuning slide brace and monel alloy pistons with newly designed valve caps and finger buttons. These are well known for their consistent action, and minimise the need for maintenance by lengthening the life of the instrument. A 1st slide saddle and 2 water keys allow the drainage of accumulated fluid in the instrument. The richness of tone quality and free blowing feel make this trumpet a great vehicle for those players looking to take their performance to the next level.

Improved playability

Yamaha have kept most of their best features from the YTR-4335G, but have added some significant improvements in playability. The first of these is a modified two-piece gold brass bell which delivers a wide range of tonal colours. The thickness of the bell can vary massively in other brands which can give a slightly patchy sound with some dull areas in projection. Yamaha have now adjusted their thickness ratios at different points on the bell to be more in line with their professional series, reducing the thickness towards the bell end. This has given this trumpet a real boost in response, offering a greater dynamic range, and so it is perfect for orchestral settings. Despite all of this, however, it is still lightweight and manageable, as well as being extremely durable. This enables players to develop proper technique and endurance.

In addition to this, Yamaha have added heavier valve caps and buttons, giving the trumpet greater projection. New pistons, caps and buttons are made from a durable monel alloy which help to increase the model's lifespan as well as to improve the quality of sound. This also helps to develop a quick and reliable valve action.

To finish the trumpet’s body, Yamaha have coated the instrument with a highly attractive gold lacquer. This material is hard and is known to be very reliable and sustainable. The shiny surface also offers a high-end look.

What's in the box?

The Yamaha YTR-4335GII trumpet comes as an outfit, including a Yamaha TR-11B mouthpiece with a semi-shallow cup depth, standard rim thickness and semi-narrow backbore. Also included is valve oil and a cleaning cloth, contained within a padded case with attachable shoulder straps for easy transportation to and from rehearsals and concerts.


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