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Yamaha YHR567 double F/Bb French horn

Full double French horn outfit for intermediate players

Manufacturer: Yamaha


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  • Supplied in a hard case with mouthpiece and accessories
  • Available with fixed or detachable bell
  • Four rotary valves with silent string mechanism
  • Durable nickel silver tuning slides
  • Adjustable thumb lever caters for smaller hands
Manufacturer: Yamaha

The Yamaha YHR567 is a full double medium-bell F/Bb French horn well known for its exceptional tone. It is designed for intermediate students but is often also used by young professionals. Most beginners start learning on a single French horn as they are less complex and lighter to hold. Both F and Bb single horns have their advantages, but as players progress a double will become essential.

Double horns come in two varieties – full and compensating. Compensating horns have an extension that is opened when the thumb valve is depressed effectively stretching a Bb into an F horn, whereas full doubles have two completely separate lengths with a shared leadpipe and bell and the thumb valve controls which side is opened. Full doubles like this Yamaha model are therefore heavier, but produce a much better tone.

Unlike many other intermediate instruments, this French horn features string mechanisms on each of the four rotary valves. The advantages are twofold: the action is quieter than metal connections which is ideal for effective pianissimo solo playing, and string is much easier and cheaper to maintain. An adjustable thumb lever position and a carefully designed wrap make it possible for players of any age to hold the instrument comfortably.

All the tubing is made from yellow brass including the specially tapered lead pipe, and the horn is finished in an attractive epoxy lacquer. Its outer tuning slides are made from corrosion resistant nickel silver, but the attached pipes should be emptied regularly to avoid unwanted moisture build up. The horn is available with a detachable bell (YHR567D) that makes it easier to transport and means it is possible to swap out differently flared bell sections for ultimate versatility. A fixed bell is generally agreed to offer a fuller and more stable tone.

Each YHR567 French horn outfit comes supplied in a protective hard case and includes a Yamaha mouthpiece, some valve oil, and a polishing cloth.

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bore size12mm (0.472")


Paxman Academy double F/Bb French horn outfit
Paxman Academy double F/Bb French horn outfit

Double F/Bb French horn outfit for intermediate students

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