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Yamaha YFL312 flute outfit

Solid silver headjoint

Product code: YFL312UKID Manufacturer: Yamaha


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  • Your choice of gold or silver lip plate
  • Silver plated body and footjoint
  • Split-e mechanism & offset G
  • Beautiful French pointed key arms
  • Covered keys
  • Supplied with lightweight carry case, cleaning rod/cloth and polishing gauze
  • Beautiful French pointed key arms
  • Covered keys
  • Silver plated body and footjoint
  • Solid silver headjoint
  • Split-e mechanism & offset G
  • Supplied with lightweight carry case, cleaning rod/cloth and polishing gauze
Product code: YFL312UKID Manufacturer: Yamaha

As of 2016 Yamaha replaced their 200, 300 and 400 series flutes! Along with redesigning their famed 211 and 311 student models, they have also introduced a handful of new intermediate flutes with various extra features such as silver and gold lip plates to create a delightful selection of tones across the board.

The YFL312GL model has a number of new features:

Solid Silver Headjoint This is the defining feature of the 300 series (other than this, they are identical to the 200 series). A precious metal headjoint adds weight to the instrument and makes the tone much richer and darker, which in turn will inject colour and expression into your playing. Silver headjoints are widely preferred by advanced players.

'French' Pointed Key Arms Yamaha have taken this design cue from their more expensive models, this is something only a large manufacture can do of course, but the resulting effect is a much more sturdy key, it effects the way the pads are depressed and released and makes pad wear much more even . All good stuff, the instrument feels more solid and will probably need less maintenance.

New Pad Cup Style After much research Yamaha have decided to change the actual shape of the indentations on top of the keys- this is more ergonomic, it results in a much more comfortable playing experience.

New Optimised Pads Yamaha have taken the flute key pads, change the material, changed the design and come up with a much better shaped pad using a more hard wearing material which results in a better seal over the tone whole - this is something that will improve the longevity of the instrument enormously.

Hard Carrying Case Any student instrument needs protection and the new case has a carry handle, (which the old one didn't) and is more solid with a better overall design. It keeps your flute snug and safe

Essentially this model is a pretty big improvement over an instrument which was already the best selling student flute model of all time. We would say that Yamaha are onto yet another winner!

Gold Lip Plate A new addition to the standard YFL312 model, is the gold lip plate option. This adds a little weight to the headjoint and resistance to the air flow which results in an intense warmth of tone and a really focused sound.

Each Yamaha flute is set up in our workshop prior to dispatch, this ensures that the instrument reaches you in perfect condition and ready to play straight from the case. It is supplied as an outfit which includes case, cleaning materials and rod.


Trevor James Cantabile flute
Trevor James Cantabile flute

Intermediate level flute with precious metal head joint

£22.81 for 60 months 

Yamaha YFL412 solid silver flute outfit
Yamaha YFL412 solid silver flute outfit

Solid sterling silver flute outfit

£56.69 for 60 months 



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