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Yamaha YFL212 flute

Silver plated flute outfit for beginners

Manufacturer: Yamaha


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  • Supplied with hard case and cleaning materials
  • Available with curved head joint for younger players
  • Split E mechanism and offset G key
  • French pointed key arms and closed holes
Manufacturer: Yamaha

The YFL212 is a silver plated student flute that includes several features designed to aid beginner level flautists as they work through the early to middle grades. It is also available with an extra curved head joint which would make it ideal for bridging young players’ transition to a full length instrument.

Producing good tone with minimal effort is very important at this point in the learning process, so students will particularly appreciate the CY lip plate. Its large undercut supports a smooth and full timbre over the whole range, and a French style two-stage taper allows for easy tonal control.

The flute’s body is made of nickel silver and is marked with raised triangles to help inexperienced hands align the sections correctly during assembly. It also features Yamaha’s unique screw resistance inserts which stop adjustment screws loosening while playing.

Yamaha have meticulously researched and developed updates to the keywork on all their student flutes. The indentations on top of each key have been analysed and carefully reshaped to optimise player comfort. Like most modern flutes, the YFL212 also includes a split E mechanism to help control the challenging third octave, and an offset G key to reduce the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Pointed key arms create a much sturdier system and encourage proper finger placement, and the small increase in overall weight adds depth to the instrument’s tone. The material used to make the key pads is also more durable than in previous models. These improvements create an even and responsive action which in turn will ensure consistent playability and longevity.

Each YFL212 flute is supplied with a hard case, cleaning rod and cloth, and polishing gauze.

More info

Construction materialNickel silver
FinishSilver plated
ToneholesDrawn and curled
Key typeCovered keys
Key systemsOffset G
Split E mechanism
FootjointC footjoint


Trevor James TJ10X flute - straight head only
Trevor James TJ10X flute - straight head only

Silver plated flute outfit for beginners up to grade 6

£11.20 for 60 months 



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