Yamaha Stage Custom birch drum kit

Shell and hardware pack for beginners and intermediate students

Manufacturer: Yamaha


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  • No cymbals or drum stool included
  • 100% birch drum shells for superior tone
  • Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (YESS) tom mounting
  • Fitted with budget Remo UT heads
  • Five classic colours available
Manufacturer: Yamaha

The Yamaha SBP2F5 Stage Custom shell and hardware pack is a high-end entry level drum set that offers a quality of tone unrivalled by other beginner kits.

Every kit includes:

  • Bass drum (22” x 17”)
  • Floor tom (16” x 15”)
  • 2 x rack toms (12” x 8”, 10” x 7”)
  • Snare drum (14” x 5.5”)
  • Yamaha 700 series hardware set that includes:
    • 2 x cymbal boom stands
    • Hi-hat stand
    • Snare drum stand
    • Kick drum pedal
  • 1 x pair of maple drum sticks
  • Drum key

Each of the drum shells is made from 6-ply 100% birch wood (7-ply for the bass drum) and finished with a glossy lacquer in one of five colours: natural wood, raven black, cranberry red, honey amber, or pure white. Birch resonates at a relatively high frequency giving it a clean tone that is particularly popular with jazz drummers, and extremely good for use in studio recordings.

Budget Remo UT heads are fitted to all shells as standard. As students advance they may wish to upgrade these in order to get the most from the kit.

Yamaha have made many small improvements to the Stage Custom since its original release in 1995. Its bass drum now has colour matched birch hoops, die-cast claw hooks with rubber lining to reduce noise, and sturdy legs with stoppers for a rock-solid setup. The ball and socket tom mounting above feature the YESS Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System that is designed to optimise resonance.

No cymbals are included with the kit, but the Yamaha 680 hardware set includes all the stands and attachments necessary to add a hi-hat pair, crash, and ride. All the hardware features large titanium wing nuts that are easy to adjust.


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