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Stentor Student I double bass

Dependable upright bass for students of any standard

Manufacturer: Stentor Music Co


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  • Supplied in padded gig bag with wooden bow and rosin
  • Solid carved spruce front with laminated maple back and sides
  • Reliable brass geared machine heads
  • Chestnut brown varnished finish
  • 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16 sizes available
Manufacturer: Stentor Music Co

Stentor has earned a very respectable reputation in recent years as makers of exceptional student violins, violas, ‘cellos, and double basses. The British company is driven by the belief that every child should have the opportunity to learn on a top-quality instrument, and so continuously refine manufacturing processes to improve the standard and lower the cost of their products.

The double bass or contrabass is the largest and lowest pitched member of the orchestral string family. Its size makes it difficult for many young musicians to justify a purchase, and the amount of material needed to make one can make them very expensive. As a result, budget instruments tend to be poorly constructed and feature mediocre intonation and sound quality. Thankfully, the highly skilled team of luthiers at Stentor’s Chinese factory produce a range of basses with the same tonewoods and precise methods used for their smaller instruments.

The Student I STN1950 model features a hand carved solid spruce front panel that produces a deep characterful tone well suited to both bowed orchestral playing and plucked jazz basslines. Cheaper laminated maple is used for the rest of the body, but is very sturdily put together and won’t be easily damaged. The chunky neck has a smooth stained rosewood fingerboard, and the strings’ tension is held securely by a robust metal tailpiece below the bridge and geared brass machineheads at the top.

Each bass is strung with an entry level set of strings which should last for many years. A carefully made French style wooden bow with an ebony frog and natural white horsehair is also included along with a block of rosin, and the whole outfit is supplied in a padded rayon case with plenty of pockets for accessories, several strategically placed carrying handles, and a small hole in the bottom for the double bass’s floor spike to poke through.

Outfits are available in 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16 sizes meaning even young children can start learning. Unlike most smaller instruments in the orchestra, professional players often use 3/4 size instruments as they are easy to transport. Ask your bass teacher if you’re unsure which size you should choose.


Stentor Student II double bass - 3/4 size
Stentor Student II double bass - 3/4 size

Popular upright bass for intermediate and advanced students

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