Stentor Student II 'cello

Student ‘cello outfit for beginners or intermediate players

Manufacturer: Stentor Music Co


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  • Supplied in a soft case with brazil wood bow and rosin
  • Constructed from solid spruce and maple tone woods
  • Metal tailpiece with integral adjusters
  • Ebony fingerboard and pegs
  • Available in 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 sizes
Manufacturer: Stentor Music Co

The Stentor Student II violoncello outfit is an excellent choice for beginners in need of an upgrade or intermediate level cellists on a budget. It is the ideal ‘cello for students and amateur orchestral players and is available from full size right down to 1/16 size making it accessible to musicians of any age.

Built using traditional techniques by skilled luthiers in China, its top is hand-carved from solid spruce and the back, neck, and ribs are made from maple. Only natural glues are used when binding the tonewood panels together meaning that the instruments are easily repaired in the future if necessary. The last part of the construction process is to coat with a golden-brown varnish, giving the ‘cello a lovely finish and bringing out the natural wood grain.

Unlike the Student I model, all the fittings are made from ebony, a dense African hardwood that looks beautiful when polished. Traditional purfling – thin strips of wood pressed into grooves on the top and bottom plates of the ‘cello – are not only decorative, but also add strength to protect against cracks and dings. An alloy tailpiece with four integral fine tuning adjustment screws is provided as standard.

A brazilwood bow with natural white horse hair and an ebony frog is included along with some rosin. Everything is supplied in a padded nylon case with accessory pockets and detachable shoulder straps.


MMX BEC300 'cello - 4/4 full size
MMX BEC300 'cello - 4/4 full size

Hand carved ‘cello ideal for beginner or intermediate students

£27.60 for 60 months 

Stentor Student I 'cello - 4/4 full size
Stentor Student I 'cello - 4/4 full size

Complete ‘cello outfit for beginners

£15.29 for 60 months 

Stentor Conservatoire 'cello - 4/4 full size
Stentor Conservatoire 'cello - 4/4 full size

Intermediate student ‘cello outfit

£30.03 for 60 months 

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