Stagg electric guitar amplifier

Compact solid state combo amp for electric guitars

Manufacturer: Stagg


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  • 10W and 20W sizes available
  • Equipped with overdrive switch and 3 band EQ
  • Stereo aux input for backing tracks
  • Headphone output for silent practice
Manufacturer: Stagg

The GA from Stagg is a rugged electric guitar amplifier that is both feature rich and extremely simple to use. While it’s designed to be a versatile practice amp, the GA holds enough power for performances in small venues, and its robust construction and lightweight portability has made it particularly popular with young players and school music departments.

There are two sizes available: 10W and 20W. Both models feature a push button overdrive, high impedance 1/4” jack instrument input, and 3 band EQ. The larger version also features a parametric sweep knob for the middle EQ frequency, separate volume control for the overdrive effect, and 1/4” jack sockets (rather than 3.5mm minijack) for headphones and aux in, as well as a separate output for an external speaker cabinet.

Stagg amps feature especially robust chassis with heavy duty reinforcements on all corners as well as an extremely strong plastic carry handle. This rock-solid foundation combined with Stagg’s reliable electronics gives the amp a strong tone suitable for all genres of music. The cabinet’s front grille is made of metal on the 20W model and fabric on the 10W.

An auxiliary input makes it possible for musicians to play along with backing tracks – a feature that will be particularly appreciated by buskers. There’s also a headphone output which automatically mutes the main speaker when activated. This allows for silent rehearsal that won’t annoy the neighbours!

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GA UK 10GA UK 20
Wattage10 Watts20 Watts
Controls (L>R)Gain, overdrive, volume, treble, mid, bassVolume 1, gain, overdrive, volume 2, treble, mid, para mid, bass
Speakers1 x 6.5"1 x 8"
Height11" (280 mm)14.7" (375 mm)
Width11.4" (290 mm)16.3" (415 mm)
Depth3.2" (80 mm)8.2" (210 mm)
Weight9.5 lbs. (4.3 kg)19.6 lbs. (8.9 kg)


Fender Champion electric guitar amplifier - 20W
Fender Champion electric guitar amplifier - 20W

Versatile solid state combo amp for electric guitars

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