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Howarth S20 oboe

Exquisite oboe outfit for accomplished intermediate students

Product code: S20 Manufacturer: Howarth


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  • Supplied in a hard case with accessories and separate reed case
  • Luxury African Blackwood body
  • Silver-plated closed plateau keys
  • English thumbplate system with semi-automatic octaves
  • Advanced trill keys, links, and vents
Product code: S20 Manufacturer: Howarth

Howarth’s S20 oboe represents a significant step up from the ever popular S10 entry-level model and is designed for ambitious young players working towards the higher grades. It exhibits all the advanced elements necessary to complete grade 8 while retaining some of the friendlier elements of a beginner oboe.

Its body is made from a protected species of African Blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon) that produces a uniquely beautiful and expressive tone. When the time comes to upgrade further down the line, oboes made from this traditional material hold their value very well so it’s a worthwhile investment. Of course, wooden instruments are especially delicate and susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity, so it is vital that students are taught how to look after their instrument properly.

The smooth silver plated keywork is arranged as per the English thumb plate system and features comfortable closed plateau keys. It includes semi-automatic octaves, two C-D trill keys, a C-C# trill keys, a forked F vent, low Bb vent, low B-C link, and several additional adjustment screws, all of which are invaluable when playing difficult music.

Each oboe comes with a protective hard case and a separate box for reeds. Please note that no reeds are supplied. Some basic cleaning materials are also included.


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