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Percussion Plus Slap Djembes 15 player pack - pretuned


Product code: PP663-15PK Manufacturer: Percussion Plus


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  • Synthetic shell
  • Synthetic drum heads with screen-printed surface
  • Heat sealed cotton cloth exterior
  • Deluxe rubber no-scuff base
  • Supplied with clip on carrying strap attached to fixed metal hoops
Product code: PP663-15PK Manufacturer: Percussion Plus

Pretuned slap djembes

Lightweight and hard-wearing, great for classroom use and also for taking on holiday or to festivals.

Pretuned drum heads are tightly glued to the drum. They do not stretch, and stay in tune well.

Supplied with carrying strap, which attaches to fixed metal hoops.

Great drums for all djembe players. Slap djembes are robust and lightweight, so they are simple to transport and carry around. They are weatherproof, making them great for outdoor use.

How to play

The design on the drum head shows where the hand should strike the drum in order to obtain a fabulous variety of tones, from punchy bass to cracking highs. When you hit the skin, let your hand bounce back allowing the sound to ring.

The slap
Played around the edge of the drum. Relax your hand and arm, and hit the drum with a slap-like motion. Spread your fingers out slightly when they strike the edge of the djembe.

The tone
Straighten all your fingers so they strike the drum head flat at the same time. Aim to strike the drum so that the joint where your fingers join your hand (at the first knuckle) is at the rim of the drum. Think of your hand as a straight extension of your arm, and you should get a solid 'thud' sound.

The bass
The best sound is achieved in the centre of the drum. Keep your palm flat and stiff and strike the drum firmly.


6" - head x 30cm. Weight 0.75kg

8" - head x 40cm. Weight 1kg

10" - head x 50cm. Weight 1.5kg

12" head x 60cm. Weight 2.5kg

4 pack - One each of 6", 8", 10", & 12" non tunable djembes

10 player pack - 4 x 6"", 4 x 8"", 1 x 10"", 1 x 12"" non tunable djembes

15 player pack - 5 x 6"", 5 x 8"", 3 x 10"", 2 x 12"" non tunable djembes



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