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Percussion Plus 3.5 octave concert xylophone

Budget concert xylophone for schools

Product code: PP092 Manufacturer: Percussion Plus


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  • Attractive seasoned padauk hardwood bars
  • 3.5 octave range from F4-C8 tuned to A4 = 442Hz
  • Fold up frame on wheels for easy storage and transportation
  • No accessories included
Product code: PP092 Manufacturer: Percussion Plus

The Percussion Plus PP092 is a budget concert xylophone ideal for schools and amateur orchestras. It is robustly built from high quality materials and produces a surprisingly well balanced tone capable of cutting through the sound of large ensembles.

Every one of the 43 tone bars is made from seasoned African padauk, a relatively inexpensive hardwood renowned for its good acoustic properties, durability, and attractive grain. These are held together on a thick cord attached to sturdy metal rails, and sit above lightweight aluminium resonators. The keyboard has a range of three and a half octaves from F4-C8 and is tuned to A4 = 442Hz.

Each bar is ‘quint tuned’ meaning that the first audible harmonic above the fundamental note is the third partial (an octave and a fifth above). This gives the xylophone a bolder piercing tone that is generally preferred by American percussionists over the European ‘octave tuning’.

The xylophone is supported by a height adjustable metal frame that can be folded down easily for storage or transportation, and features 4 lockable castors for wheeling around a stage or between classrooms. There are no accessories included with the WXN44C but the frame does have a built in mallet holder.

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Weight51.8lbs (23.5kg)
Depth (low-high)32cm-56cm (12.6”-22.05”)
Length135cm (53.15”)
Height (adjustable)79cm-84.5cm (31.1”-33.27”)


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