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Nuvo jFlute outfit

Moulded plastic flute with curved head joint

Manufacturer: Nuvo


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  • Suitable for children as young as five
  • Extremely durable and 100% waterproof
  • Nuvo Firstnote lip plate helps beginners learn quickly
  • Easy to upgrade as young players grow
  • Includes protective case and accessories
Manufacturer: Nuvo

In 2009 Nuvo launched the Clarineo, a revolutionary moulded plastic clarinet designed for players taking their first steps in the world of woodwind. They have now applied their expertise to the flute, combining centuries of tradition with pioneering new materials to produce the jFlute. Packed full of inventive features, the entry-level jFlute is a lightweight, durable instrument for beginners.

Being made of plastic, the jFlute weighs just 235g. It bounces when dropped, requires minimal maintenance, and is 100% waterproof - if necessary, simply wash with soap and warm water and drip-dry before returning to the case. Silicone rubber compounds in the keywork prevent any damage being done to the key pads. It can even be played in the shower!

An adjustable curved head joint significantly reduces the jFlute’s length making it perfect for young players with a short reach. It is equipped with all standard keys including trill keys down to a low D, but an overall larger feel to the keypads makes it easier to find the correct notes for the first time. As aspiring flautists grow and progress through the grades, the curved head and D foot can be replaced with a straight head and C extension (both sold separately) to help them adjust to a full-sized instrument before upgrading.

Silver flutes often get scratched or dented when young hands try to dismantle or put the instrument together. The jFlute’s strong rubber rings and clear markings on each joint reduces the possibility of accidental damage while also teaching children the correct method of assembly. Parents will no longer need to worry about expensive upgrades or repairs!

The novel Firstnote is similar to a recorder mouthpiece and makes it easy for beginners to make a sound at their very first attempt. This means lesson time can be spent concentrating on good posture and fingering technique while the innovative lip plate design automatically trains the player to focus air correctly and develop embouchure. Eliminating the common sound production frustration from the start will also encourage practice and enthusiasm. Just like stabilisers on a bike, the Firstnote is easily detached using the included tool kit.

Each jFlute is fully assembled in its case and is therefore ready to play straight from the box. Everything a beginner will need is also included in the outfit: a sturdy semi-hard case & shoulder strap, cleaning rod & pull through, joint grease, and tool kit containing key caps to replace the extensions, a key cap tool, and a screwdriver.

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Instrument weight235g
Boxed dimensions51cm x 15.5cm x 9.5cm
Boxed weight1.14kg



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