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Kawai MP-7SE stage piano

Responsive Hammer III action with Ivory Touch white keys

Product code: MP-7SEBB Manufacturer: Kawai


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  • Harmonic imaging XL, full 88-key stereo sampling
  • 256 voices including Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand
  • USB to host, USB to device, MIDI in/out
  • Virtual Technician to create your own perfect piano sound
  • Please note that this instrument does not have built-in speakers
Product code: MP-7SEBB Manufacturer: Kawai

Introducing the Kawai MP-7SE Digital Piano

A powerful performance instrument for the musician on the move, the Kawai MP-7SE is equipped with all the functionality you need for live performance.

The main piano sound comes from the flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand, bolstered by a range of authentic sounds including lectric piano, organ, synth lead/pad, brass/wind, guitar/bass, etc. sounds, along with an authentic Tonewheel organ simulator with adjustable drawbars

The MP7SE can also be used as a master keyboard, with 4 assignable zones and it has all the required connectivity including Lines IN/OUT L/R, MIDI and USB.

As with most stage pianos the Kawai MP7SE has no onboard amplification in order to keep it light and compact. See our amplification pages to choose a suitable keyboard amp.

Dominic Barnett – Chamberlain Pianos

Responsive Hammer III key action

The Responsive Hammer III (RHIII) action recreates the distinctive touch of an acoustic grand piano, with its realistic movement and accurate 3-sensor technology providing a smooth, natural, and highly responsive piano playing experience.

The weight of the keyboard is appropriately graded to mirror the heavier bass hammers and lighter treble hammers of an acoustic piano, while structural reinforcements within the action assembly ensure greater stability during fortissimo and staccato passages.

The MP7SE stage piano also features Kawai’s Ivory Touch key surfaces that gently absorb finger moisture to assist the player’s performance, while, let-off simulation recreates the subtle ‘notch’ sensation felt when softly playing the keys of a grand piano, satisfying the expectations of the most discerning pianists.

The magnificent sound of the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand

The MP-7SE's primary piano sound comes from Kawai’s flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand , with all 88 keys recorded, meticulously analysed, and accurately reproduced as high-fidelity digital waveforms. Recording each key individually preserves the grand piano’s unique harmonic character, guaranteeing a faithful representation of the original acoustic source. Additionally, the SK-EX is also captured at a variety of different volume levels from pianissimo to fortissimo, which allows an accurate acoustic portrait of the instrument to be assembled using Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging XL technology, resulting in smooth tonal transitions across the keyboard and throughout the entire dynamic range.

The naturally expressive Shigeru Kawai sound is further enriched by advanced resonance algorithms which physically model the complex tonal interactions between the strings, dampers, and various other parts of an acoustic piano. These resonances are generated for all 88 keys progressively, allowing the Concert Artist to behave just like an acoustic piano. Employing Kawai's latest SK-EX Rendering engine, the MP-7SE utilises multi-channel sampling to capture the sound from different parts of the piano. This technique not only allows a broader range of tonal characteristics to be recorded and reproduced, but also further improves the connection felt between the keyboard action and piano sound.

The powerful Virtual Technician feature simulates these careful refinements digitally, allowing performers to shape aspects of the piano’s tonal character and playability to suit their unique personal preferences.

Vintage Ep's, Organ Simulation, Strings, and More

The MP7SE features a selection of incredible vintage electric piano sounds, each with their own distinctive characteristics. Enjoy their natural, organic sound, or pass the signal through a wide variety of classic effects stomp boxes, before plugging into one of the five classic amp and speaker cabinets – complete with realistic microphone character and position modelling.

This instruments SUB section features high quality strings, pads, basses, and other useful sounds that are ideal for creating splits and custom zones, layering with acoustic or electric pianos, or for playing individually, at the front of the mix.

The MP7SE’s tonewheel organ simulation transforms the stage piano into a vintage electromechanical organ, complete with nine real-time adjustable drawbars and authentic percussion controls making it just like the real thing. Organ enthusiasts can dial-in favourite drawbar registrations, adjust the ‘condition’ of the organ tone, and select their preferred rotary speaker character, then store the sound to memory for immediate recall.

MIDI Keyboard Capability

Featuring a MIDI out section, the Kawia MP-7SE transforms into the ultimate MIDI controller. Four independent zones control external devices can also integrate into the studio as a master keyboard.

Zones can be played individually, or freely split, layered and velocity switched to create stunning personalised performances. The MP7SE’s powerful customisation allows parameters and settings for each zone to be adjusted and controlled independently, making for an unbelievably versatile all-in-one performance instrument.

Ultimate Functionality

Easy to navigate menu's and functions are a must when on stage and with the MP-7SE's large LCD display, it delivers just that. The large LCD display alongside the four assignable control knobs, allow several parameters to be adjusted directly in real-time, without getting lost in menus. The central control panel is very easy to use, with related functions logically grouped and placed where you would expect.
The MP-7SE has up to 256 setup memories, enough even for the busiest stage musician. Every single customised sound, knob position, fader level, and adjustable parameter to be stored in memory as a SETUP, and recalled at the touch of a button. With the ability to set-up in-advance for the next show, or even multiple shows, the MP-7SE makes your life that little bit easier.

Recording and listening back is made easy with this instruments USB to device functionality. It can be used to play back MP3, WAV, or MIDI audio files, so you can play along with backing tracks or use it to learn new tracks. It is even possible to save your own performances directly as MP3 to send to fellow band mates or for casual listening away from the keyboard.



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