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Mapex Tornado drum kit

Basic 5-piece drum set for beginners

Manufacturer: MAPEX


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  • Complete with all stands and a drum stool
  • Includes cymbals, sticks, and a drum key
  • Durable basswood drum shells
  • Double braced hardware throughout
  • Various sizes and three classic colours available
Manufacturer: MAPEX

Mapex Tornado kits are renowned as the best entry level drum sets on the market and are extremely popular with schools thanks to their astounding quality to price ratio. Each outfit includes everything a young budding drummer will need to get started, and all the components are built to last a lifetime.

Every kit includes:

  • Bass drum
  • Floor tom
  • 2 x rack toms
  • Snare drum
  • Crash/ride cymbal
  • Hi-hat cymbal pair
  • Height adjustable drum throne
  • All necessary stands, pedals, and hardware
  • 1 pair of maple drum sticks
  • Drum key

See more info for exact measurements.The Tornado drums are made from basswood ply and built by the same expert staff that work on their professional kits. Each shell is wrapped in a choice of three colours: black, burgundy, or blue. Both tom-toms attach directly to the kick drum with ball-and-socket joints making it easy for every player to find their most comfortable setup.

All hardware is double braced for extra stability and the clamps are extremely strong, meaning the Tornado kit will stand up to the most energetic drummers without budging an inch. The bass drum also features telescopic floor spikes to ensure a secure position on any surface.

Each drum is skinned with a budget Mapex head. These are tightened and loosened by using the included drum key to turn the lugs around the edge of the rim. All three toms have 6 lugs, but the bass and snare drums have 8 each for extra tuning precision. These skins will be more than adequate for beginners, but will be worth upgrading as young drummers improve.

More info

Rock kit (TND5294FTC)Fusion kit (TND5044TC)Compact kit (TND5844FTC)
Bass drum22" x 16"20" x 16"18" x 16"
Floor tom16" x 14"14" x 14"14" x 12"
Rack toms12" x 8"
10" x 7"
12" x 9"
10" x 8"
12" x 8"
10" x 7"
Snare drum14" x 5"14" x 5"14" x 5"
Crash/ride cymbal16"16"16"
Hi-hat cymbals14"14"14"


Pearl roadshow rock drum kit in jet black
Pearl roadshow rock drum kit in jet black

Outstanding 5-piece drum set for beginners

£15.28 for 60 months 

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