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Mapex Storm drum kit

Fusion shell pack consisting of: 20" kick, 10", 12", 14" toms and 14" x 5" snare

Manufacturer: MAPEX


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  • Fitted with hard wearing black plate hardware
  • Supplied with double braced hardware including P400 kick pedal
  • SONIClear bearing edge for increased tunability
  • Cymbals and drum throne not included
Manufacturer: MAPEX

In recent years Mapex have been at the cutting edge of providing, not only top of the range kits such as the Saturn series, but more affordable options in the Mars, Horizon and now Storm kits to bridge the gap between cost and quality.

Included with this kit is the newly designed 400 series hardware which incorporates a 3-tier system for maximum adjustment and feature concave double braced legs. This is a small design change but the results are big. It enables you to position your stands more efficiently to get your cymbals exactly where you need them without the need for a rack.

Each drum now has the same SONIClear bearing edge that can be found on the frankly superb, Saturn V series. This allows the drumhead to sit flat on the edge of the drum, increasing the contact between drum and head, allowing for a stronger, more centered pitch and makes each drum easier to tune and increases general sound quality.

Mapex made the decision to shorten the tom depths from that of traditional fusion and rock drums, for example the fusion kit: 10 x 7, 12 x 8 and 14 x 12 however the rock kits floor tom is 16 x 14. This decision has resulted in an overall full and punchy tone that helps you to cut through live and in the studio.

Overall this new line of drums brings you exactly what you need from a drum kit: Ease of tuning, great tone, high durability, ease of set up and they don’t look half bad either!

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