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Majestic Harmonic aluminium pedal timpani

Deep cambered balanced action kettledrum

Manufacturer: Majestic


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  • Fitted with Remo Standard white head
  • Folding legs with lockable castors for easy transportation
  • Accurate adjustable tuning gauge
  • Each drum has a range of about an octave
  • 20”, 23”, 26”, 29”, 32” sizes available
Manufacturer: Majestic

The Harmonic pedal timpani from Majestic represent the optimum combination of performance quality and portability. Their unique design makes for stress-free transportation and storage while also ensuring a professional level of tone control and response. There are five different diameters of drum available, and if purchased as a complete set can be prepared for a German (low to high, right to left) or American (left to right) layout.

Each of the timpani’s deep cambered shells is crafted from seamless drawn aluminium and sits on a stable cast aluminium pedestal frame. Aluminium kettles are lighter than traditional copper but create a similarly clear tone and immediacy of pitch articulation that makes it superior to cheaper fibreglass.

All the complex tuning mechanisms are hidden away inside the bowl to preserve the sleek aesthetic, and the frame can be folded in a matter of seconds creating a compact flat surface for the drum to sit on while in storage.

Remo Standard heads are fitted to every timpano as standard and are tuned using Majestic’s popular balanced action pedal system. The skin tension is counterbalanced with a spring and tightened or loosened by tilting the pedal forwards and backwards. A tighter head means a higher pitch and a looser head tunes the drum lower.

Adjustable pitch gauges are fixed to the rim of each kettle providing an accurate and easy-to-read reference for players when tuning. Each drum has a range of about an octave (see more info for exact pitches) and a lug key is included with every order for fine tuning and tension calibration.


Majestic Concert fibreglass pedal timpani - 23"
Majestic Concert fibreglass pedal timpani - 23"

Deep cambered blocked action kettledrum

£43.49 for 60 months 

Majestic Symphonic copper pedal timpani - 23"
Majestic Symphonic copper pedal timpani - 23"

Portable intermediate level pedal timps with copper kettles

£74.97 for 60 months 

Majestic Harmonic fibreglass pedal timpani - 23"
Majestic Harmonic fibreglass pedal timpani - 23"

Lightweight balanced action kettle drum

£45.80 for 60 months 



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