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Majestic Symphonic copper pedal timpani

Portable intermediate level pedal timps with copper kettles

Manufacturer: Majestic


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  • Popular balanced style pedal system
  • Cast aluminium frame with locking wheels
  • Fitted with Remo Renaissance heads
  • Each drum has a range of about an octave
  • 20”, 23”, 26”, 29”, 32” sizes available
Manufacturer: Majestic

A set of timpani represents a significant investment for school music departments and concert venues, so it’s important to choose the right model. Majestic’s Symphonic kettledrum range are designed to produce the most accurate and fluid tuning action possible while remaining practical and portable.

Naturally, the drums’ tone is also a major consideration. The kettles on these models are made from smooth deep drawn copper which is preferred by most professional players for its superb resonance and clarity. Bearing edges are optimised for quick response and each drum is fitted with a top of the line Remo Renaissance head as standard.

The bowls sit in a cast aluminium cradle which is both extremely strong and lightweight. There are two sets of double locking swivel wheels supporting the frame as well as a smaller fixed set underneath the tuning pedal to facilitate easy movement around stage.

Each drum has a range of about an octave, and its pitch is changed by rocking the foot pedal forward and backwards. The pedal movement and skin tension are balanced using a heavy duty spring inside the base of the frame. This ingenious system is the most popular type of pedal action among timpanists as it requires the least amount of movement for the performer to operate.

Clear tuning gauges are affixed to the rim of each drum and can be easily adjusted, and a mallet holder is also attached to the 26” model (as this would sit in the middle of a five drum layout). Each timp is sold separately, but if more than one is purchased, they can be setup in American (low to high left to right) or German (right to left) style.


Majestic Concert fibreglass pedal timpani - 20"
Majestic Concert fibreglass pedal timpani - 20"

Deep cambered blocked action kettledrum

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