Majestic Concert fibreglass pedal timpani

Deep cambered blocked action kettledrum

Manufacturer: Majestic


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  • Fitted with Remo Standard white head
  • Four retractable legs with castors for easy transportation
  • Accurate adjustable tuning gauge
  • Each drum has a range of about a sixth
  • 20”, 23”, 26”, 29”, 32” sizes available
Manufacturer: Majestic

Majestic’s Concert timpani are convenient entry level kettle drums ideal for schools, pit bands or amateur orchestras. There are 5 different diameters available and each is designed to be as easy as possible to store and transport.

The drum shells are made from fibreglass-reinforced polyester (FRP) that produces a characterful warm sound. These are mounted on four height-adjustable legs which can be pushed inside the timpani to save space when storing or transporting them. The two back legs are also attached to castors making it easy to wheel the drums around a stage. When folded up, the drums have a completely flat base which prevents potential damage from rocking in transit.

Each drum is topped with a Remo Standard white skin which is tuned by using the blocked pedal system underneath. In order to move the mechanism, the clutch pedal on the end of the arm must be depressed. As soon as pressure is removed from the clutch, the whole arm locks in place at whichever pitch had been reached. Pushing the whole arm down tightens the skin and raises the timpani’s pitch while allowing the skin to retract and lower in pitch forces the arm to spring back up again.

Accurate tuning gauges are positioned around the lightweight cast aluminium rim of the timpani and can be easily adjusted for fine tuning. Each of the different sized drums has a complete range of about a sixth – see more info for exact pitches. If you select a full set of these timpani they can be optimised for a German (high to low, right to left) or American (low to high, right to left) setup.

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Majestic Symphonic copper pedal timpani - 20"
Majestic Symphonic copper pedal timpani - 20"

Portable intermediate level pedal timps with copper kettles

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