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Majestic Deluxe orchestral chimes

Professional quality brass tubular bells set

Manufacturer: Majestic


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  • Supplied with dust cover and mallet
  • 1.5 octave chromatic range tuned to A = 442
  • Traditional steel wire hanging system
  • Smooth action damper pedal
  • Available with plain lacquer or chrome plated finish
Manufacturer: Majestic

Tubular bells are designed to replicate the sound of church bells and have become extremely popular with modern classical and film composers. They come in various shapes and sizes but are always by their very nature expensive and heavy instruments. The Majestic Deluxe series orchestral chimes set is a professional quality instrument that delivers an unbeatably resonant and consistent tone.

Each of the 18 tubular bells is made from a solid brass cylinder that is carefully shaped to produce a strike tone an octave above its fundamental resonating pitch. They cover a range of an octave and a half from C5 to F6 and are arranged in two rows with accidentals behind like a piano keyboard. Like the majority of tuned percussion instruments they are tuned to A4 = 442Hz.

There are two models available: C6618C bells have a tube diameter of 1.5” (38mm) and are coated with ultra-durable chrome, while the C6518B have a narrower 1.25” (32mm) diameter and a plain lacquered brass finish giving them a brighter tone and making them considerably cheaper. For the ideal sound, the bells should be hit on their top metal cap with a wooden mallet.

Traditional steel wire is used to hang the chimes for optimum sustain, and can be allowed to ring by depressing the large foot pedal. With the pedal up, the large block across the middle of the bells is shifted slightly to one side pushing a felt ring gently against the side of each tube to dampen its sound slightly. This enclosed damper box mechanism is the preferred system for professionals as it provides a smooth and silent action.

The whole instrument is supported on a heavy duty frame on four casters that ensures both stability when being played and ease of transportation around stage. Every set is supplied with a free dust cover and a mallet.

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Tube materialChrome plated brassLaquered brass
Tube diameter1.5" (38mm)1.25" (32mm)
Pitch rangeC5-F6 (1.5 octaves)C5-F6 (1.5 octaves)



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