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Jupiter JFL-700 flute

Beginner to intermediate level flute outfit

Manufacturer: Jupiter


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  • Supplied with hard case and accessories
  • Straight and curved head joints available
  • Solid silver lip plate for superior warm tone
  • Plateau keys for easier fingering
  • Split E mechanism and offset G key
Manufacturer: Jupiter

The Jupiter JFL-700 is a full-sized silver plated flute designed for beginner and intermediate players up to grade 5 standard. Its intonation and dynamic versatility are unusually good for an instrument in this price bracket, so it is particularly suitable for technically competent novice flautists interested in developing their tone.

Silver plating coats the whole instrument which helps to produce a rounded mellow sound, but the secret to its excellent tone is the EZ head joint with a 92.5% solid silver riser. This carefully shaped component encourages easy blowing and produces a fullness and warmth reminiscent of much more expensive instruments. A short-reach curved head is also available for very young students.

Jupiter’s reliable keywork includes a split E mechanism and offset G, both of which make for easier fingering with more natural hand positioning and a clarity of tone in the register’s extremities. Closed hole plateau keys also add to the playing comfort and reliable playability.

The flute is supplied as a complete outfit with hard case, canvas slim-line backpack with wool-like lining, and cleaning materials – everything a developing flautist needs. Two layers of protection mean that the instrument is well cushioned, so there is no need to worry about bumps on the school run!


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