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JP Instruments JP081 oboe

Entry level 'thumb-plate' oboe for beginners

Product code: JP081 Manufacturer: JP Musical Instruments


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Most oboe makers craft every instrument by hand as double reed woodwinds are in relatively low demand. This makes them expensive and difficult to maintain, and so an investment that many parents can’t justify. But not anymore! John Packer has managed to produce a range of good quality oboes for the education market by using cheaper materials and automating some of the manufacturing processes.

Their JP081 is a fantastic starter oboe made from ABS plastic. Despite this polymer’s relative cheapness, it responds just as well as traditional grenadilla and has been used to make budget clarinets for decades. Its intonation and tone is not affected by temperature or humidity and it’s much harder to damage than wood.

The oboe’s silver plated keywork is based on a British thumb plate system and features manual octaves. Many of the complex links and trill keys have been removed which significantly reduces the weight and complexity of the oboe. The reductions come at the expense of a low Bb and some shortcut fingerings, but these are unlikely to be needed until players have reached grade 4 standard at least. There is an adjustable thumb rest on the back of the instrument that allows even very small hands to reach everything comfortably.

Like all John Packer outfits this instrument is supplied with a high quality moulded carry case with detachable shoulder straps and plenty of room for accessories. The outfit also includes cleaning materials but PLEASE NOTE this oboe outfit does NOT include a reed. A medium soft reed is normally recommended for beginners, but you should consult with your oboe teacher before choosing.


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