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Izzo Senior samba classroom packs

Top quality carnival percussion classroom pack

Manufacturer: Izzo Brazil


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  • Contains drums, shakers, and bells for 10, 20, or 30 players
  • Authentic samba instruments made in Brazil
  • Traditional lightweight aluminium drum shells and nylon skins
  • Includes beaters, straps, and a teaching book
Manufacturer: Izzo Brazil

Samba is a colourful high-energy genre of music and dance that fuses the heat and excitement of urban South America with West African and Iberian cultures. It is traditionally associated with the carnival street bands of Brazil but its infectious rhythms have made it hugely popular all around the wold in recent decades.

Now anyone can recreate the unmistakeable samba party atmosphere with this classroom pack of professional quality drums and percussion from IZZO. There are enough instruments and accessories included for 10, 20, or 30 players to join the band.

All the drums, shakers, bells, whistles, and accessories are made in IZZO’s world famous Sao Paolo factory where they have been manufacturing authentic samba supplies for more than 60 years. These Senior series instruments are the best quality models they make and are built to withstand many years of enthusiastic battery!

Lightweight aluminium shells mean even young musicians will be able to manage the larger drums with ease. A nylon skin on both ends of each produces the best possible tone and resonance, and shoulder straps are supplied for all the surdos and repiniques making them comfortable to carry while marching.

The tamborim and pandeiro hand drums are made from ABS plastic for extra pinging volume and durability, and there are dual pronged plastic beaters supplied with them all. The Teach and Play Samba book includes a DVD with demonstration videos and 6 samba band arrangements each broken down into easy memorable blocks with clear teaching instructions.


Izzo Castle samba for 10 players
Izzo Castle samba for 10 players

Colourful starter pack for novice samba bands

£12.43 for 60 months 

Izzo Junior samba for 10 players
Izzo Junior samba for 10 players

Lightweight carnival percussion starter packs

£10.00 for 60 months 



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