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Izzo Junior samba classroom packs

Lightweight carnival percussion starter packs

Manufacturer: Izzo Brazil


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  • Ideal for young players and small budgets
  • Includes enough drums and shakers for 10 or 20 players
  • Authentic samba instruments made in Brazil
  • Extra strong ribbed aluminium drum shells
Manufacturer: Izzo Brazil

IZZO’s Junior samba drums are specially designed to suit newly formed bands with young players and small budgets. They are constructed using thinner aluminium than their professional series making them cheaper and lighter. The subsequent shortfall in volume and shell strength is replenished by way of their ingenious ribbed shape.

Every set contains an assortment of instruments capable of creating a complete samba sound, but would be equally useful as an expansion set for established bands. There are enough instruments and accessories included for 10 or 20 players.
Both bass surdo drums are fitted with a durable plastic skin on both ends that can be tuned and replaced by using a drum key to tighten or loosen the lugs on each of the 8 full length spindles. The higher pitched repinique is one sided and features 4 hook lugs. All three large drums are left unpainted and uncoated for a classic rustic look.

The three smaller tamborim and pandeiro hand drums are made from white ABS plastic that produces a characterful popping tone. The latter also features aluminium zils (or jingles) like a tambourine. Everything including the agogo bells, shaker, whistle, and beaters are made in IZZO’s world famous factory in Sao Paolo, Brazil where they’ve been building top quality samba instruments for more than 60 years.


Izzo Castle samba for 10 players
Izzo Castle samba for 10 players

Colourful starter pack for novice samba bands

£12.64 for 60 months 

Izzo Senior samba for 30 players
Izzo Senior samba for 30 players

Top quality carnival percussion classroom pack

£45.88 for 60 months 



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