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Elkhart 100FLE flute

Silver plated nickel flute

Product code: 100FLE Manufacturer: Elkhart


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  • Offset G and split E mechanisms
  • C footjoint and ‘progressive style’ headjoint
  • Closed tone holes
  • In the key of C
  • Supplied as an outfit with cleaning cloth in a lightweight Styrofoam case with strap
  • Silver plated flute popular with beginners
  • Moulded case and accessories included
  • Robust keywork affords excellent intonation
  • Split E mechanism and offset G key
Product code: 100FLE Manufacturer: Elkhart

Elkhart wind instruments have a very good reputation among music teachers thanks to their reliability and value for money. The 100FLE is a practical and elegant choice for a first flute and will perform adequately up to grade 4. Unlike many other beginner outfits, it does not include a curved head joint, so is not recommended for very young learners whose arms are not yet long enough for a full-sized instrument.

The flute is constructed from durable cupronickel with a silver-plated finish. Its head joint has been designed to make it as easy as possible for beginners to produce a consistent sound. It achieves this at the cost of some tone quality and dynamic nuance, but these will not become important until basic technique and fingering have been mastered, and the 100FLE is the perfect instrument for that early training.

Keywork includes an offset G for a more comfortable hand position and split E mechanism to assist the stability and tuning of a high E. The closed tone holes and particularly robust key pads give the 100FLE a secure intonation and playability that is essential for encouraging aspiring flautists to practice.

The outfit includes a waterproof moulded Styrofoam case with a detachable shoulder strap and a zip pocket containing ample space for accessories. A cleaning cloth is also included.



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