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Percussion Workshop Senior djembe pack - 30 drums

Deluxe African drum classroom set

Product code: BRD-30PK Manufacturer: Percussion Workshop


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  • Includes 30 djembe drums of assorted sizes
  • Hand made from SVLK compliant Indonesian mahogany
  • Traditional goat skin drum heads
  • Durable nylon rope tuning system
  • Protective rubber ring on the base of every shell
Product code: BRD-30PK Manufacturer: Percussion Workshop

Djembe drums originated in West Africa more than a millennium ago and their sound has become synonymous with the region. For their size djembe are very loud instruments, but they’re also capable of great subtlety in the hands of an experienced drummer. They are often played in ensembles with other drums and pitched percussion.

As well as being an immediate way to satisfy one’s primitive urge for music, drum circles are a fun and effective forum for teaching the fundamentals of rhythm and ensemble playing. This has led to djembe groups becoming increasingly popular class and extra-curricular activities in UK schools over the last few decades. This classroom pack contains 30 assorted drums from Percussion Workshop’s Jammer Senior series. These are the best quality djembe the company produces and are especially sturdy. The full bundle contents is as follows:

  • 15x 9” djembe drums (50cm tall)
  • 10x 10” djembe drums (60cm tall)
  • 5x 12” djembe drums (65cm tall)

Please note: instruments are made by hand so head diameter measurements are approximate.

Each drum is carved from a solid piece of mahogany hardwood which has been sourced from an SVLK compliant sustainable plantation in Indonesia. As every instrument is unique, each one is carefully shaped by hand to optimise resonance in the three primary ranges: bass, tone, and slap. They are finished with a classy plain dark stain.

These shells are fitted with natural goatskin drum heads secured with three metal rings, the top most of which is covered with cloth to make the surface more comfortable to play. The pitch of each drum is controlled by a traditional rope mechanism made from pre-stretched red nylon twine and knotted to include a comfortable carrying handle. The Senior series djembe drums feature extra ropes to ensure perfectly even tension, as well as a rubber ring on the shell’s base to protect both drum and floor when playing on the ground.


Percussion Workshop Kente djembe pack - 10 drums
Percussion Workshop Kente djembe pack - 10 drums

African drum classroom starter set

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