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Majestic Concert steel glockenspiel

Professional quality set of orchestral bells

Product code: B3125S Manufacturer: Majestic


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  • Supplied in resonant wooden case with a carrying handle
  • Thirty 32mm steel bars spanning a range of 2½ octaves
  • Innovative single pin mounting system improves clarity
  • Tuned to A=442Hz
  • Includes a pair of mallets
Product code: B3125S Manufacturer: Majestic

No percussion section would be complete without the magical sound produced by a glock, and Majestic’s instruments are among the best that money can buy. The B3125S is a 2.5 octave concert glockenspiel (also known as orchestral bells) consisting of 30 steel chime bars supported by a wooden frame.

Each of the steel bars is 32mm wide and each has been carefully machined to maintain a consistent level of resonance and volume across the whole scale. They are precisely tuned (A4 = 442Hz) to make up a chromatic scale laid out like a piano keyboard with a range from G5-C8. A strip of soft material between the bars and the frame prevents unwanted banging and buzzing, and small rubber posts separate each steel chime to keep them from moving around.

Majestic’s innovative single pin mounting system means that each bar is screwed to the frame at one point only. This allows each bell to make a brighter tone and resonate for longer, creating a distinctive penetrative sustain that has made Majestic glockenspiels the leading choice among professional percussionists.

The deep wooden shell acts as both a resonance chamber to amplify each bell when struck, and a protective case with a handle for carrying the precious instrument between concerts and rehearsals. The lid can be completely detached when playing and contains deep plush padding to protect the glockenspiel bars when in transit.

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Length756mm (29.8")
Width (low end)478mm (18.8")
Width (high end)248mm (9.8")


Yamaha Artist glockenspiel
Yamaha Artist glockenspiel

Orchestral bells set for percussionists of all levels

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