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Elkhart 200TH Eb tenor horn

British style Eb tenor (alto) horn for intermediate students

Product code: 200TH Manufacturer: Elkhart


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  • Supplied in a lightweight case with a mouthpiece
  • Lacquered yellow brass with cupronickel slides
  • Upright bell and curved lead pipe
  • Three stainless steel piston valves
  • Socket for lyre to hold music when marching
Product code: 200TH Manufacturer: Elkhart

Elkhart’s 200TH is a dependable Eb tenor horn designed as a step-up instrument for intermediate students, and an ideal addition to a training band store cupboard. In other parts of the world this instrument is known as an alto horn or Eb horn. It plays a similar role in a brass band as the French horn does in an orchestra, but its narrower bore produces a smaller and brighter tone that blends more easily with other band instruments.

The majority of the tubing, including the bell and lead pipe, is constructed from hard yellow brass that produces a bright sound and projects well. Corrosion resistant cupronickel is used for the tuning slides as this is where moisture tends to build up, and there is a water key on each of the three slides making it easy to quickly empty the interior. The entire tenor horn is also coated with a protective gold lacquer.

Its valve block protrudes above the coiled tubing as per the traditional British design, and contains three ultra-durable stainless steel piston valves. These should be oiled regularly to maintain a smooth and responsive action. The overall compact design makes this a very comfortable horn for aspiring brass players of any age to hold.

Like all Elkhart outfits, the 200TH tenor horn comes supplied in a semi hard case with shoulder straps and a mouthpiece. There is a socket for lyre built into the side (attachment not included) for holding sheet music while marching.


Elkhart 100TH Eb tenor horn
Elkhart 100TH Eb tenor horn

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