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Musical instrument hire made easy

Yamaha YBS32E Eb baritone saxophone
  • Instalment plans from £116.11 per month
  • Reliable Eb bari sax outfit for intermediate students
  • Supplied in a hard case with reed and accessories
  • Gold lacquered brass body
  • Special mechanism for smooth octave transitions
  • Front F and low A keys
  • Adjustable thumb plate
Product code: YBS32E
Barcode: 4957812021197
per month
  £413.81 over 12 months
  £289.77 over 18 months
  £227.75 over 24 months
  £165.73 over 36 months
  £134.72 over 48 months
  £116.11 over 60 months
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  • Quick & simple online application and approval process with free fast delivery direct to your door
  • Provided at least half of the rental payments due have been made, the plan is fully cancellable and the instrument can be returned
  • Complete all the monthly plan payments and the instrument is YOURS TO KEEP with no extra cost to pay
The Yamaha 32 series Eb baritone saxophone is priced for intermediate students but built using many of the same components as the Pro and Custom series saxes and to a standard high enough to impress advanced players. Like all Yamaha instruments, it delivers a hugely characterful tone and has been precisely designed for optimum playability.

Because of their size and weight, baritone saxophones are not normally learnt by beginners – they tend to be a step-up instrument for alto players as both saxes are pitched in Eb. That said, if a player’s hands are large enough to cover all the keys, there’s nothing to stop small musicians playing the YBS32E, as the adjustable thumb plate and strap hook will ensure a comfortable playing position.

Its body is made from brass and finished with a luxurious gold lacquer, and the sturdy keywork is attached to the main tube with nylon-tipped tapered pivot screws for a low-maintenance responsive action. Numerous subtle innovations in the shaping and layout of each key makes fast fingering feel fluid and easy, and a unique octave mechanism helps to smooth transitions across the whole scale.

Each YBS32E Eb baritone sax outfit comes in a robust hard case and is supplied with everything a saxophonist will need to get playing straight away. This includes a Yamaha 5C mouthpiece and mouthpiece cap, a reed and ligature, a comfy neck sling, a pot of cork grease, and a cleaning cloth.
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