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Yamaha YUS3 upright piano

Upgraded specification over the popular U3S upright piano making for a more refined playing and listening experience

Manufacturer: Yamaha


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  • 131cm tall with solid spruce soundboard and concert grade hammers and strings
  • Available with Yamaha's superb SH silent system enabling practice through headphones - play any time of day or night without disturbing anyone!
  • Silent system offers 256 note polyphony and 19 realistic instrument voices including pianos, electric pianos, strings and harpsichord
  • In addition to USB audio recording, upload your performances to social media through iPad applications!
Manufacturer: Yamaha

Sharing many components with the industry standard U3 upright piano, the YUS3 is a further refined, semi handcrafted instrument with wonderful projection and resonance. Hand wound bass strings and mahogany hammers are among this pianos many refinements, making it an excellent choice for the professional pianist or enthusiastic amateur.

Adding the new SH silent system builds on this further and the result is an extremely versatile instrument. Activate the silent mode and a rail moves between the hammers and the strings to 'switch off' the acoustic piano. Highly sophisticated optical sensor technology then captures the detailed movements of each key and you can hear the beautiful sound of a Yamaha CFX concert grand piano through your headphones - play a real acoustic piano with headphones at any time, day or night without being disturbed or disturbing others! Not only is the piano sound amazing, there are also 18 other instrument sounds, including grand and electric pianos, strings, organ and harpsichord. You can also play along with MIDI files, and use the USB audio recorder to record your performances as a CD ready file to your USB memory stick. Alternatively, using the iPad Piano Diary app you can upload your performances straight to YouTube or other social media sites. The possibilities are endless!

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Yamaha SH Silent system:
• Binaural CFX sampling
• Noncontact continuous detection optical sensors under each key
• Noncontact 2-point optical fiber sensor for each hammer
• 256MB wave memory
• 256 note polyphony
• Motor driven silent activation
• Silent audio output jacks
• New controller design
• 19 Voices
• 480 XG Voices, 12 drum/SFX kits
• 4 reverb settings
• USB port
• Audio .WAV file recording
• MIDI recording and playback
• Metronome
• Transpose function
• Adjustable touch sensitivity, string resonance, damper depth and sustain depth

Yamaha YUS3 Acoustic piano:
• 131cm upright piano
• 88 note keyboard with acrylic resin keytops
• 3 pedals - damper, sostenuto and soft
• 5 backposts
• YUS series bespoke hammers
• Floating soundboard
• 2 piece top lid
• Extended music desk
• Fitted with double wheel brass castors
• Soft closing keyboard fall
• Lockable lid and keyboard fall, supplied with 2 keys


Yamaha B2 upright piano
Yamaha B2 upright piano

Mid-range student piano for ambitious musicians

£97.50 for 60 months 

Yamaha SE132 upright piano
Yamaha SE132 upright piano

High end 88-key piano for advanced students

£403.53 for 60 months 

Yamaha YUS1 upright piano
Yamaha YUS1 upright piano

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