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Yamaha C1X grand piano

Brand new model, fantastic quality Yamaha baby grand piano with superb balance and resonance

Manufacturer: Yamaha


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  • A small but powerful domestic model, available in black, mahogany, satin walnut, satin ebony or white
  • 5'3'' with 88 keys and three pedals
  • Bespoke CX series hammers
  • Recently redesigned and such an improvement over the old C1L and C1M models!
  • Also available as Silent and Disklavier
Manufacturer: Yamaha

The Yamaha C1 grand piano is a wonderful combination of compact design and big resonant sound quality. At 5'3'' the instrument is big enough to produce a real depth of sound but small enough to fit domestically. The C series, as of January 2013, had their first major redesign.

The C1X now has a redesigned soundboard crown, new string material and a much more refined set of hammers which has resulted in a massive overall improvement. With it's light touch it is perfect for beginner, intermediate and professional pianists alike.

More info

• 5'3 CX series grand piano
• 88 note keyboard
• Ivorite (satin) white keys
• Natural ebony black keys
• 3 pedals - damper, sostenuto and soft
• Newly developed C series bespoke hammers
• 3 position lid prop
• Soft closing keyboard fall
• Lockable lid and keyboard fall, supplied with 2 keys


Yamaha C5X grand piano
Yamaha C5X grand piano

Mid sized 6'7 performance piano, perfect for smaller halls and larger homes

£614.86 for 60 months 

Yamaha C7X grand piano
Yamaha C7X grand piano

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Yamaha GB1 grand piano
Yamaha GB1 grand piano

The smallest and most affordable Yamaha baby grand piano ever!

£195.00 for 60 months 



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