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Amati 33-OM short reach bassoon

Beautifully crafted C bassoon for students with small hands

Product code: ABN33M Manufacturer: Amati


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  • Supplied in a hard case with bocal (crook) and accessories
  • Maple body with a matt lacquer finish
  • Silver plated keywork and trim
  • 21 keys with covered wing joint, piano lock, Eb vent, and high C
  • No reed included
Product code: ABN33M Manufacturer: Amati

Bassoons are among the most complex instruments to build and play and tend to be very expensive. They’re vitally important members of the orchestra that have a large range and a distinctive characterful tone capable of great expression, so they are worth significant investment for young musicians who are serious about learning.

This short reach model by Amati has a very reasonable price tag and is the perfect first instrument for young players. Its slightly reduced keywork includes all the functionality necessary for mastering the bassoon, and is specially laid out to suit small hands. This includes a high C key, a covered wing joint 2nd/3rd hole and boot joint 1st hole, an Eb vent key, and 2 rollers. Each of the finger holes are lined with rubber that extends into the bore for stability.

The bassoon’s body is made from high quality maple wood with a matt lacquered finish, and dismantles into four sections. All the keywork and trimmings are silver plated which looks stylish, resists corrosion, and is comfortable to play. The shape and complexity of the instrument means it is also very delicate, so it is important to look after the bassoon very carefully and keep the joints well lubricated to prevent damage during assembly.

Each bassoon is supplied in a protective hard case and includes a neck strap for balance along with some essential cleaning and maintenance accessories. There is one crook (or bocal) included, but no reeds – they are easy to find for sale, but many bassoonists prefer to make their own.


JP Instruments JP191II short reach bassoon
JP Instruments JP191II short reach bassoon

Reliable student bassoon outfit for players with small hands

£41.58 for 60 months 



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